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Obviously, there is not a uniform level of understanding among all the students. Some students have grasped the concepts faster than others and some may not have understood at all because of absence or other reasons. This is reflected in the conclusion of every assessment tool. To address this issue, we have formed special groups of advanced and slow learners and designed appropriate programs for them.

The slow learner students are identified on the basis of last year university result and a special program in the form of extra lectures is arranged to improve the performance in the respective subjects. Schedule for the extra lectures is prepared beforehand. The subjects on which this extra coaching is to be given are chosen by the students.

Student Study Circle is formed in many departments of the institute. In this circle, different groups of students for different subjects are formed. The students try to understand the given subject by discussing it among themselves. Also, two to three subjects are selected on the basis of students demand and accordingly for these subjects extra coaching is carried out.

Slow Learners Mentor’s:

In the Department of EEE each and every class has highly experienced faculty as class in-charges and for every 20 students a mentor will allocated to observe and guide the student towards all-round development.

Student- Mentor System is Established not only to ensure the student presence in the campus but also to motivate the student in the areas he/she is little weak.


S No Name of the Mentor Allocated Roll Numbers
1 P.LAVANYA 17QA1A0213,18QA1A0201-215,19QA5A0201-208
2 D.ARAVIND 19QA5A0209-230
3 M.ASHWINI 19QA5A0231-251


S No Name of the Mentor Allocated Roll Numbers
1 CH.KRISHNA 15QA5A0217, 17QA1A0201-210, 17QA5A0201-264
2 B.JEEVAN REDDY 18QA5A0202-18QA5A0225
3 K.CHANDRA REDDY 18QA5A0226-18QA5A0256


S No Name of the Mentor Allocated Roll Numbers
1 B.SANTOSHA 15QA1A0206,16QA1A0201-16QA1A0229
2 K.RAJESH 17QA5A0202-232
3 V.SRAVANTHI 17QA5A0233-273

All the Activities are monitored by Principal & HOD.

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