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BRIL Exam Branch

The Examination Branch of the college is a confidential section with the responsibility for conducting of examinations for all the courses and maintenance of student's records etc.

The Principal of the college is the "Chief-superintendent" of the examination branch. The following are the responsibilities of the Exam Branch:

Processing of examination application forms and issue of hall tickets to the students.

Electronic distribution of examination papers (EDEP) is introduced by JNTU to all U.G and P.G courses. The examination branch looks after the works connected with EDEP examinations as directed by the University.

Online examination is also introduced by the JNTUH, to all B.Tech courses for internal tests. This branch looks after the works connected with online examination.

The examination branch looks after the issue of marks memo, provisional certificates, consolidated marks memo, duplicate marks memo, CMMS etc.,

The examination branch looks after the payment of remuneration to the examiners, receipts of examination fees, payment towards the stationary etc., purchased for the examination branch.

For detailed information on the Rules and Regulations of conducting examinations, please check the below:

R16 B.Tech Academic Regulations (Revised)

R18 B.Tech Academic Regulations

Exam Branch Incharge


Name : Mr. L. Nadam
Qualification :
M.Tech (Power Electronics), (PhD)
Email : [email protected]
Phone : +91-970-435-2102

Mr. L. Nadam, an eminent professional with 8 years of experience in academia and 3 years in administration, is in charge of the Examination Branch at the Brilliant Institute of Engineering and Technology. He earned both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Power Electronics from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad, India.He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the Osmania University in Telangana, India.

He has many publications in various reputed international and national journals. The examination cell acts as the mediator between the departments of the college and university by conducting various examinations for students (internal and external). The internal marks are forwarded to the university through the examination cell. Mr. L. Nadam is dedicated to his duties and ensures that there are no gaps in the relationship between the University and the college in conducting the exams in a proficient manner.

His research includes smart grids and the design of converters for the integration of renewable sources.

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