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BRIL Science & Technology Clubs


We established the club to encourage students to have interest in the study of science and technology through project development. It is my dream that, together with club members, the nation will have a new generation of science and technology minded youth.

The organization do perform the following activities:

1. Train the students in basic science and technology subjects

2. Use practical projects to explain scientific concepts.

3. Embarks on study tours, to expose the young ones to what is happening in the Industries.

4. Use waste materials and materials available in the immediate environment to make meaningful scientific projects, to the benefit of schools and the society at large.

Opportunities for Youth

Members of the club do enjoy the following opportunities:

1. Best studies in science and technology

2. Have first-hand practical training in areas like basic electronics and safety regulations

3. Are exposed to the industries and also have the opportunity to explore other locations in the Country.

4. Have the opportunity to unearth their talents through creative projects and competitions.

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